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Holland Park Kitchen Renovation
Holland Park New Kitchen
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Kitchen Renovation Services

Do you love cooking, but you are in an old, out-of-date kitchen with old appliances?

Let us help you revamp your kitchen. It's a place you spend a lot of time in preparing meals so why not have it the way you would like it?


We can do a completely new kitchen or renovate the one you have with new counter tops and cupboard doors. Re-design your kitchen to make it more versatile for your family.



We have a lot of happy clients that have done just that. We have been using our kitchen specialists for many years now and they know what they are talking about in how to maximise space. It’s amazing how little or big changes can change the look and functionality and how your family spend their time in the kitchen.

From A Simple Facelift…

Maybe your kitchen is perfectly functional and laid out exactly as you’d prefer it. But, the countertops and cabinets are just worn out, cracked, chipped and dingy or faded looking.


What your kitchen really needs is a facelift, one that will help it look it’s best again at a fraction of what it would cost to tear everything out and replace everything in the kitchen.


We can provide cabinets and countertops that will perfectly match your existing décor and bring your old kitchen into the new age by brightening up the entire room. While we’re at it, we can fix any small, nagging problems that you’ve been living with for years.


We’ll keep the best features of your existing kitchen and surround them with new countertops and cabinets that will breathe new life into the busiest room in your home.

…To A Complete Remodel

You’ve just bought a home that you’ve fallen in love with. But, the kitchen is the one room that isn’t working for you.

We can make your kitchen work for you by tearing it out and starting over from the ground up. We’ll design a kitchen, in close consultation with you, that will reflect the perfectly functional design that you always wanted in the most used room of your home.


From traffic patterns to appliance placement, we’ll design a kitchen that will allow you and your family to feel at home and move about easily and comfortably. We’ll also provide you with plenty of storage space and those special touches that you always wanted.  


Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you.

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