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View from and Apartment renovation on the Gold Coast

Apartment And Unit Renovations

Do you own an apartment that is looking a bit old and tired?


Let us help you modernise it there is more work involved in renovating an apartment than a home as you have the logistics of lifts where everything you remove or bring into the apertment needs to bought in or out via the lifts, therefore it will also take longer for the renovation to be done. 


We have done apartments before so our team is aware of these logistics and we take care in making sure we dont cause your neighbours any inconvenience and we try to get the project done as quick as we can so we cause less disruption as possible. We can do..

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens

  • Flooring

  • Painting

Give us a call to have a chat about your Apartment Renovation. We would love to help you plan it from start to finish.

Make Your Floorplan More Livable


We have the ability to walk into an apartment and see what it could be. We take the best features of your existing apartment and use these as the starting point for a design which delivers everything you want in a home.


As professional and experienced home renovation builders, we design floorplans that make your home more livable and take advantage of the space you have in the most logical and beautiful manner. We design homes that complement your lifestyle and your growing family.


We can open up your apartment to allow light and space to be the predominant feature or design a space that will allow you to feel snug and warm in your own home. We can design a space to be modern or traditional and both of these treatments will always be timeless.    

From Design To Handover


We specialise in handling every aspect of your apartment building project from the design through the planning, demolition and construction phases, to the ultimate handover of your newly renovated apartment. We plan every phase of the project to cause as little inconvenience as possible.


This means we protect all the surfaces in public areas when we are moving materials and tools in and out. We stop work promptly when agreed to and keep all vibrations and noise at a strict minimum. We only have the minimum amount of people on the job to complete our work according to the schedule we have agreed upon and we always respect the codes and safety regulations of your building.

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