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Home Renovation - Bulimba
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Home Renovation and addition - Holland Park
Old farm house renovation
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Home Renovations can be a great way to add value to your home and make your home more livable for your family. A Renovation can be in many forms, minor or major, it’s only limited by your imagination and budget. 

But renovations are also a chance to make your home more livable and adaptable to your changing lifestyle. It’s often the only chance you’ll have to make your home conform to the home of your dreams, so it’s important that we have all the goals of the renovation accounted for before we begin the project.

We can help you by giving advice on aspects of your project that you maybe haven't thought of and maximise the renovation you have in mind to suit your family needs. 


We have many happy clients from Gold Goast to Brisbane for whom we have done minor renovations for that could involve revamping an old and tired bathroom or kitchen. But renovations are based on the homeowners needs as the starting point. What starts out as a simple idea to change something for the better can metamorphose into a more complicated project once the homeowner thinks more about it.

That’s why we’re here. We can help point out the things that should be changed while your home is undergoing a renovation. These can range from structural problems with your home’s original construction that need to be addressed, to additional conveniences that will be cheaper to add sooner instead of later when another renovation will be more expensive.

Changing the look can be attained by replacing the tiles and fixtures or, to make the room more practical, the entire design can be re-done and the room can be re-built from the ground up. In all the renovation projects we perform, the functionality and practicality attained in fulfilling the homeowner’s needs is our prime motivation for taking on each renovation project.

Renovations to Suit Your Lifestyle

Make your home look and feel more spacious by knocking out some walls and making open plan living, this is great for young families as you can see your childern in the next room while preparing food in the kitchen. Its also great for those of you that love to entertain in a nice open space. You could also modernise your outside entertaining area add a insulated roof to add more living space or extend your deck which is great for our queensland weather and spending more time entertaining outside with your family and friends. 

  • Replace a window with a sliding door

  • Add a room

  • Bathroom Kitchen revamp

  • Modernise your home with new paint, floors, tiles etc

Your renovation starts with your ideas. We are simply there to ensure that your ideas become a reality with practical and functional, quality construction techniques and materials.

We help you design, plan and construct a renovation that will serve your family well for generations.

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